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disaster meal kit

During our relief support for Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Red Cloud Food Service became the third largest meal kit provider in the United States producing over 2.2 million meals in six weeks.

For that effort, Red Cloud was nationally recognized and awarded the "OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE DURING THE HURRICANE KATRINA/RITA RELIEF EFFORT” by DSCP Troop Support.

In 2008, Red Cloud was called upon again to provide relief in support of Hurricane Ike producing 2 million box meals. With this effort Red Cloud became the number two producer of meal kits for DSCP Troop Support and FEMA.

Whether it is disaster planning for your state or military operations please contact us to discuss how we can be there to support you.

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In 2017, Red Cloud Food Services was called upon by Troop Support Services to provide over 1M boxed meals to Hurricane Victims in the United States and Puerto Rico.  We stand ready at all times to provide relief efforts when and where needed.

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